Johnny Depp Plays A Computer In His Next Movie

Johnny Depp Plays A Computer In His Next Movie

If you’re tired of endless Depp roles that are just an excuse to parade him around in makeup and tight pants, here’s some insane, welcome news: his next role will be that of a brain uploaded to a computer.

Transcendence, which is a movie that actually will exist according to The Wrap, will be directed by Christopher Nolan’s sidekick Wall Pfister. There’s not really much to say about this other than it sounds batshit crazy, but The Wrap has what’s possibly the best quote of the year:

The film’s producer, Andrew Kosove, confirmed in an interview with TheWrap on Tuesday: “It is true Johnny Depp’s brain is uploaded into a computer.”

It is true.

So what we have here is a movie made by the Inception team which will star Johnny Depp as a a computer, and is essentially about the singularity. Will he talk in a regular Depp voice, or will he sound like a computer? Isn’t this just Tron? Will Tim Burton rush onto the set and start clawing at things? [clear]

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