Is This The Job With The Best Views Of The World?

What is the job with the best views in the world? I thought an astronaut in the ISS. But perhaps I'm mistaken.

Maybe it's the job of the guy sitting on this KC-130J Hercules, watching those two AV-8B Harriers getting closer and closer over Helmand province in Afghanistan on Decemeber 6, 2012. That guy is US Marine Corps Cpl Gregory Moore, a combat videographer. You get to fly anywhere and photograph everything from multiple perspectives -- air, land and sea.

That. That's the job I'd like to have (for a few months anyway). And then be an astronaut.

What do you think would be the job with the more interesting and exciting views? Tell us in the comments.


    Great views of......utter wasteland.

      One man's wasteland is another man's pristine wilderness. After 4 trips over and through Australia's outback, I'm still in wonder and awe every time I see that red dirt stretching for miles in every direction.

        Except this isn't Australia's beautiful outback, it's flippin' Afghanistan...a war zone.

          Every land has its wonder, but if you ever get the chance, Stuarts Stony Desert in the dry - you will never feel more isolated from civilization.

            Not sure about that. Ever been to Perth?

          You would be surprised how nice the natural beauty of the country is, I would love to explore once the peace settles in... but i guess our children might get that privilege not us

          You can tell that its a war zone from these photos?

            The military jets and soldiers were a dead give away.

              We have jets fly over my home in Townsville all the time. Does that mean we are in a war zone? Try again. Your attempt has failed.

      actually, my Dad always tol me that Kabul was the most beautiful valley he ever flew over and it is distinctive even from 35 000 feet

    My thoughts exactly lol, to the left you will see....Nothing, To the right you will see......also nothing

      And right in front of you you will see goddamn fighter jets, airborne and up-close, or did you fail to notice?

    Who cares about the landscape... I think its more impressive that you get to sit on the ramp of a military aircraft and take close up photos of other planes in flight.

    hope that dude is tethered onto the plane in case of turbulence

    Ill take the job of the guy in the Harrier personally....

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