Is It OK To Propose On Twitter?

Electronic music superstar and friend of Gizmodo Deadmau5 just got engaged to the beautiful and talented Kat Von D. (Congrats dudes!!!) But no matter how happy we are for the love birds, we can't seem to agree about whether or not popping the question on social media is OK. Discuss.



    Congrats to Deadmau5 and Kat Von D. Congrats mostly to Joel for pulling this off, I know 100% this wouldn't go down well for me.

    That's just plain wrong. WRONG.

    not wrong but it makes him look like a pussy

      Because, bad girl models marry pussies.

    hai bebs, u no dat i <3 u n i wan u 2b mi bebe4eva #marrymeok

    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Noo.

    His justification is that they met on Twitter so he proposed on Twitter. The two live together so he could have just as easily used another method, but I think the tweet proposal was pretty cute and appropriate for them.

    considering he is pretty much god of the nerds (he plays CS: Source which is 1337) I think its ok in this case

    There is no other reason to do this than to show off while pretending not to, which makes it look completely disingenuous.

    Well, the only person whose opinion really matters said yes.
    So it's obviously ok for them.
    Therefore, probably for others as well.
    Don't think it would be my preferred method, but then I'm not that imaginative either.
    To each their own as always.

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