Is Every Single Tech Ad Making The Same Basic Geometric Mistake?

You've seen the pose. One or two phones or tablets standing straight up. Another leaning up against the first at an angle. And somehow, they're all the exact same height. ARRRRGHHH. You learn this crap in middle school, right? Reddit pointed how absurd this seems earlier today.

But hold on! Another redditor, bananaseepeep, illustrates that this might just be an optical illusion:

thaskabus drew it up as well:

So that complicates things a little. Is it really just a trick of the rounded edges, with the phones actually being the right size? Does that explanation wash with Pythagoras? Why is this so annoying when you think it's wrong, since it doesn't affect us at all? I need someone smarter than me — and better at Photoshop — to figure this out. [Reddit]

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