If You're Going To Make A Crappy Star Wars Tie-in, At Least Do It Right

Nestle Japan will be releasing a limited edition Star Wars version of its Gold Blend coffee maker next week. But it has to be one of the laziest tie-ins ever to cash in on the Star Wars name. Available in two versions, it looks like Nestle has just slapped a sticker on the side of each one with a random quote and called it a day.

The C-3PO version reads "Thank the maker", while the Darth Vader version goes with the standard "The force is strong with this one." Really? That's the best you could come up with? Not something that maybe connects the dark side with a dark roast? The coffee makers at least come with matching mugs, and will be limited to just 5000 units at $US120 a pop. And sadly, they're pretty much guaranteed to sell out once Star Wars fans catch wind of this.

[PR Times via Newlaunches]

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