I Can't Get Enough Of These Pictures Taken From Airplane Windows

I used to always pick the aisle seat whenever I flew on a plane. It's not like I'm ridiculously tall or anything, I just enjoyed the freedom of one side (preferably my right) and the easy access to the bathroom (of which I rarely use). But on a recent trip to New York, I traded my aisle seat for a window seat. And after seeing New York from above, man, I don't think I'll ever sit in an aisle seat again.

There are actually loads of Flickr groups dedicated to that precious window seat of an aeroplane and the pictures that you can take. Twisted Filter rounded a few of them up and separated it into different cities. Looking at these pictures is like pretending to land in a brand new city.

See more pictures here. [Twisted Filter via Design Taxi, Image Credit: Simon Morris Flickr]

Los Angeles, California. Image Credit: FKSR Flickr

Kansas, Image Credit: Mark Shaiken Flickr

Madrid, Image Credit: Sidney Gomez Flickr

New York Image Credit: Casey Chan

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