HTC's Next Android Flagship To Pack 1.7GHz Quad CPU, 1080p Screen?

Some leaked tech specs supposedly tell us what to expect from HTC's flagship Android model for 2013, with the phone maker apparently set to launch a 4.7-inch model with a 1080p display.

The phone, which is currently known under the codename HTC M7, features an enormous 468ppi image density output thanks to the display numbers, which ought to see our beloved old flip clock bursting out of the screen clearer than ever.

Elsewhere, the M7 is said to contain a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor alongside 2GB of RAM, the required chips to make it compatible with 4G networks, and version 5.0 of HTC's popular Sense user interface stuck over the top of Android 4.2.

There should also be a 13-megapixel camera inside it, plus a 2MP front facing secondary cam for looking at your own face with and a 2300mAh battery to give it a decent desk life. Stick it on the next phone list. And if those numbers are all correct, it ought be close to the top. [Unwired View]

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    The real question is, does HTC Sense still make a 1.7Ghz quad core 2GB of RAM phone lag up during simple menu animations? :p

      The answer is: not on my current HTC One X. It's fine.

      Last edited 19/12/12 8:01 am

        In in the interests of science and having a larger sample size and whatnot, my experience is 'yes'. My dad's single core Smasung Optima 7 is often faster than it :/ (But it's running WP7 though)
        Did the android 4.1 update ever come out for it?

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          Yes, my One X got it back in October, because it was a Taiwan model (Singapore & Taiwan were first), but it started rolling out globally from 27 Nov.

      yeah they went over the top with sense 3 and have admitted so. sense 4+ is much lighter and better.

    Annnnnnd, they still have that well annoying poking out camera.

    My HTC desire HD was stuffed after about a month. And yes, you can put a big fat case on it which will cover the edges, but some of use dont like to.

      Buy a magnetic fisheye/macro lens kit off ebay, they come with a stick-on metal ring that acts as a lens protector. Been rocking it on my one x for a while, just wish i'd had it from the beginning.

      Plus added benefit of being able to take my instagram to the next level with fisheye, yo. :p

      mine's still going strong after 20 months. just got a new battery to give it a few more months.

      I thought the protruding camera would annoy me, but in usage it never has.

      The phone is generally very slim. And the camera adds two potential side benefits, too... I think it acts as a heat sink. And, it elevates the back of the phone from the surface it's resting on, making the speaker louder and clearer.

    Curious about how the battery will handle all that stuff and survive more than 1 day.

    You forgot to mention the awesome 2 hour battery life and all the awesomely designed apps on the Android Play Store that will actually utilize 4 cores...

    It's become much faster with the 4.0.4 update, with no visible lag at all during homescreens. HTC changed the animations and flattened some widgets and it runs fluently at 60 frames per second. 4.1 is supposed to come 'mid-december' according to Optus, which should be now. People still questioning the speed of the One X haven't touched one in the past 3 months.

      This was supposed to go under lambomann007, but for some reason it ended up down here O.o

    my main concern isn't the processing power but the battery life.

    No point having a pseudo-super computer in your pocket if the battery dies after a few hours use even on the most minimal settings.

    i get easily an entire day + more on my One X, this includes 3D gaming and listening to music etc... with brightness on auto and data enabled. And stop beating on the camera, sure it sticks out a bit but damn good. only thing i would like improved is the cooling, playing Riptide GP it gets hotter than an ipad 3.

    I've had 2 HTC phones now - Sensation XL & One X
    on Hardware and Design they get a 9/10
    on Sound they get a solid 10/10 - best sound in the business on HTC phones
    on Software/Sense they get a 4/10 - it works, but frequently lags and crashes the phone.

    They need to outsource the development of Sense to someone else i believe, to really rebuild it and make it a lot faster. The android app developers on XDA forums have done it with the sense-based custom ROMs which really make the phone fly - it gives better battery life & makes the phone run cooler too.

    I really hope HTC survive, but I've recently purchased my 3rd Samsung phone - the SGS3 (4G version) and I love it.

    2300 mAh will never last for a day, let alone 4 hours.
    4500 mAh on my Samsung S3 4G lasts for at least 15 hrs with heavy usage on wifi and 4G (browsing, facebook, instagram, etc).
    Quite a chunky mobile though.

    They'll need to rethink the battery capacity for these new powerful devices seriously.

      What HTC in particular need to do is rethink static (non-removable) batteries!

      If people want a slim mobile then that's the default configuration. However, if they care about performance and battery life more they can opt for any number of battery options in the open market - from small extensions to the default, to large 6,000mAh batteries.

      While they are rethinking that, give some thought to adding a micro SD card slot too - most of the world doesn't have unlimited data plans (on 3G/4G) and therefore storing everything on dropbox is inpractical.

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        Samsung make pretty slim phones with removable batteries. Although they feel like cheap thin plastic.

        I agree, people bag out Apple for not having serviceable parts like batteries. But to be honest with the power processors chew thru these days, you basically gotta cram in the biggest battery you can. That usually involves getting rid of all the mechanisms for housing a removable battery.

        If its a decent quality non removable battery, then the fact that it isn't easily replaced is a non issue i believe.

          @gusbricke its not an issue when your first get the phone, but of you plan on holding onto your phone for a while, then its a dealbreaker. The lifetime of the phone functionally becomes the lifetime the battery can last a whole day, which isn't that long since brand new the batteries barely last a day on HTC phones.

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