How To Watch The Sydney Harbour New Year's Fireworks Display Online

So you weren't able to get that sweet spot on the Sydney Harbour foreshore to watch what is clearly the best New Year's Eve fireworks display on Earth. Maybe you're not even in Sydney and you just want to cop a look at the show? You're in luck. Here's how to stream the Technicolour spectacular in all its explodey goodness with Gizmodo.

Telstra is one of the official sponsors of this year's NYE festivities, and as a result, it has five cameras placed at the best spots all over the Harbour so you don't miss a thing.

Dawes Point, Garden Island, Sydney Cove and Vaucluse are all covered, and there's even a camera mounted on the South Pylon of the Harbour Bridge. A helicopter camera will provide additional coverage. You can live stream from all of them. We've attached the streams below.

Happy New Year!

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    Watch. Fireworks. Online.
    The single most pointless concept I've heard.

      Do you also find it pointless to watch sport or a live concert online? Or on television? Surely it's not that hard for you to understand that many people enjoy watching the spectacle of fireworks (or sport, or live music), regardless of whether they're physically present at the event or not.

      Last edited 31/12/12 5:18 pm

      disagreed. You don't know how many tabs i have open


      I also disagree - I'm in hospital with my wife, with very bad channel 9 signal. So for us, we need to watch online.

      Pointless? No way!

      Living in England and able to 'join' New Year celebration virtually with son on boat in Sydney Harbour - PRICELESS. Thanks and Happy New Year.

    Luke, pardon me for asking off topic, but what's the font you've used in that graphic? Same as Telstra? Or a DIN font?

      It's ISOCPEUR

        ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
        CP (Code Print)
        EUR (European)

      Looks like Dosis

    Oh... I see now it was embedded and not yours. Ignore.

      It's Telstra's font and goddamn is it hard to come by. I'm ex-Telstra and I kind of took the .ttf file on my way out. I've since had a reformat and I can't for the life of me figure out if I backed up my font book before hand. It's one they made in-house and it's awesome. #fontnerd4lyf

    Pointless? No way!

    Living in England and able to 'join' New Year celebration virtually with son on boat in Sydney Harbour - priceless. Thanks and Happy New Year.

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