How To Sound Smart At Your Christmas Party

How To Sound Smart At Your Christmas Party

It’s holiday party season, and you’re probably spending your weekend hopping around from one festive fete to another. At the minimum, you avoid devolving into a sloppy drunken mess. Best case scenario, you actually come across as clever and well-informed. Here are your talking points for the week.

Did you think the world was going to end today? It didn’t.

Summary: The Mayans predicted that the apocalypse was happening on December 21.

Your opinion: There were some legitimate ways the end could have actually come. But you didn’t believe that would happen, did you?

Most surprising fact: A lot of people tried to use our utter demise as an excuse to get laid.

Did you know some of those Apple Store employees are totally corrupt?

Summary: When you’re not watching, those people who are supposed to be fixing your gadgets can do some really horrible things. Making a game of destroying gadgets, looking through your data — that’s just the start of it.

Your opinion: Be nice to the staff at Apple Stores. Seriously.

Most surprising fact: The employees would steal the gadgets, sure. But some employees would even steal the giant novelty gadgets used as window displays. We found one ex-employee with a “pretty large collection” that included a giant Nano and a giant iPod Touch.

Did you hear Instagram wanted to sell your photos?

Summary: Your favourite photo-filtering app changed its Terms of Service to say it could sell your photos for advertising. Everyone freaked out, so Instagram changed its mind.

Your opinion: Screw it! Buy my photos.

Most surprising fact: Instagram actually listened to people’s criticisms. But if you’re still a little put-off, here are some alternative camera apps.

Question: When it’s raining, do you get more wet running or walking?

Summary: You think about it every time you’re caught in a downpour. Do you run, and potentially catch more drops, or walk — and maybe not get so wet?

Your opinion: Easy. You run. As Minute Physics explained to us, it’s science.

Most surprising fact: Do some people seriously slow down to dodge raindrops? Run for cover, idiots!