How To Easily Build The Most Useful Keychain You've Ever Owned

If you've got access to a bucket of Lego Technic pieces, then you've probably already got everything you need to build what could possibly be the most useful keychains ever devised. As for the building instructions, just take a look at the image above and you'll easily figure it out.

It's cheap, it's compact, and removing a single key doesn't require you to tear your fingernails to shreds trying to pry open a keyring. And because Lego is produced to such exacting dimensions, there's little to no chance this thing is going to come apart until you want it to. As a bonus, it's even easier to build a spot to hang the keychain when you get home — just stick a Lego baseplate to the wall near your front door. Done.

[Felix Grauer via Fancy]



    Until you step on them.

      You sir made my day.

      The burning pain of a thousand suns be UPON YOUR CLUMSY FOOT

    "And because Lego is produced to such exacting dimensions, there’s little to no chance this thing is going to come apart until you want it to."
    I'll happily admit that I haven't bought or played with Lego since I was a kid, but back then, I certainly wouldn't have described the binding force of Lego as anything extra-ordinary (I had multiple experiences of picking up creations to have them crumble in my hands) and I don't expect that the joining technology has changed sufficiently to prevent this coming apart in your pocket.

      I doubt they would stay in together in your pocket. A connection of 4x1 isn't that strong. For it to really stay together you could use Technic pins to connect them

    I think I like that better than my actual LEGO keyring.

    Also, don't expect your chosen bricks to look good when you are done with it. ABS doesn't hold up so well in a pocket with keys.

    But don't you have to pry open the key ring to get it onto the actual lego piece thus making the whole idea of attaching them by lego redundant?

    A simple carabiner does the trick. Albeit you can't hang them on a board but a simple screw in hook on a piece of wood solves that. How the hell is this news worthy?

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    this Transformers key is better :

      or check it out here if the link is old :

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