How Much Would It Cost To Gift Wrap An Entire House?

If you were financially fortunate enough to be able to gift someone an actual house this year for Christmas, you'll want to do more than just hang a big bow on the front door. Unwrapping a mysterious present is half the fun of getting a gift, and with this handy calculator, you'll be able to figure out just how many rolls of gift wrap you'd need for such a daunting task.

Compared to the cost of a house, the $US1390 worth of paper you'd need to wrap your typical 185sqm dwelling isn't that expensive. But if you're trying to stretch every dollar, the calculator also lets you opt for newspaper or aluminium foil as cheaper alternatives. [Movoto]


    What an utterly pointless article..!

      Awww, don't be like that. Anything can be pointless from a particular perspective. I choose to delight in the frivolity of it all, and you never know when pointless will turn to game-changer!

    Why wrap an entire house even if you can afford it? I'd assume if you could afford it, you'd still want to skimp where you could to save a few extra bucks considering you paid for a piece of property! Anyhoo the point is that I'd just put a big ribbon on the main door and be done with it. Cheaper and quicker, but still somewhat meaningful.

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