How Are Dead People Liking Stuff On Facebook?

Have you noticed your friends liking stuff on Facebook that you know they don't like? Yes? No? Well, have you seen some people like stuff on Facebook even though they're... dead? It's happening. And it's because of a weird underworld of fake Facebook Likes.

Read Write took a look at the odd phenomenon of fake or accidental likes, showing countless examples of people claiming they've never liked a company or brand even though Facebook showed them as 'Liking' it. Facebook says these fake Likes aren't fake at all but rather "accidental" mistakes, possibly done by "inadvertently pressing a button, perhaps on the mobile app". I guess. Maybe it's a good time to audit all your Facebook Likes to see if any rogue Likes happened to you.

But how does that explain people who've passed away still liking things after they've been, well, dead? The picture above shows a zombie Like.

A Facebook spokesman says the "likes" from dead people can happen if an account doesn't get "memorialized" (meaning someone informs Facebook that the account-holder has died). If nobody tells Facebook that the account-holder is dead, Facebook just keeps operating on the assumption the person is alive.

And the way Facebook operates is that it keeps on recycling and re-using a user's Like. So if you Like something from a long time ago, it could pop up again as if it was a brand new Like. Read more about this weird Facebook phenomenon at Read Write. [Read Writer]



    Sounds about as fishy as the reported number of Facebook users and accounts.

    Last edited 13/12/12 2:58 am

    The original story isn't just about Dead people "liking" stuff, it's about the mystery of people apparently "liking" stuff that they haven't actively "liked": Facebook giving sponsored posts fake "likes" to justify the money people spend on them.

    Nobody is liking anything they haven't liked before. This is why I culled my "like" list when this awful new feature came through. Any business can now pay Facebook money to dredge up all their followers likes for the last couple of years. Worst of all this crap stays up the top of your friends news feed for an annoying length of time.

    Facebook going public is going to be what killed facebook. God damn shareholders are ruining it.

    Uhhg.. Is there anything about FB worth signing up for. It's corrupt, invasive and sliding down a shit-hill of disgust to oblivion! Stop using it! maybe then Suck, I mean Zuckerberg will stand down and let someone with some integrity take over.!

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