Holiday Treats Are Better When You Destroy Them In Slow Motion

Conan O'Brien probably understands the absurdity of slow-motion destruction porn better than anyone else. But, really, we've never seen anything like Andy Richter dressed as Santa getting doused by an ocean of egg nog in slow motion. So sticky. So good. Bless you, Conan. [Devour]


    Not available in Australia.. well done guys

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
    Sorry about that.

    God fucking damn it.

    Last edited 15/12/12 11:31 pm do you guys often proof read/watch stuff?

    I think I faintly remember (I could be very well wrong) that the articles that appear on the weekends are done from over seas??? Ill happily shut up if someone can correct me :p

    You guys are really 'good' at the reposting of the us articles... seriously, fact check this stuff

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