Here's Everything That Was Wrong With The Avengers

Confession: I haven't watched The Avengers yet. But after watching this three minute video that points out and explains all the things wrong with the movie, I might never watch it. I can't unsee these things!

It's one thing to laugh out loud while reading crappy Chinese subtitles on The Avengers, it's another thing entirely to hilariously ruin a movie before I can even see it! [YouTube via BuzzFeed]


    I can only agree. I felt Avengers was a big letdown.

    Yes there were some plot holes, but is there really a need to pick it apart? What this guy did in the video clip, you could really do to any other movie out there, some more than others. Why can't people just let go and enjoy a good fictional story?

      Yeah whenever I see this kind of thing I can't help but think of comic-book guy from the Simpsons. "Worst. Movie. Ever."

    It's a movie, get over it.

      Yes, the very notion of criticizing movies is ridiculous....


      Mores to the point, it's science fiction, seriously get over it. It doesn't need to make sense, it just has to be awesome. And it is.

        Good science fiction is plausible. Or at least, doesn't include so many silly incongruities that it becomes impossible to become immersed or suspend belief.

          Science Fiction was the wrong word... it's a COMIC BOOK ADAPTATION....

          name me one comic book super hero who's even slightly realistic.

    were you expecting it to change your life or something? nit-pick reviewers are nothing more than wanna be film makers themselves.

    I might be being a bit biased here as I don't like super hero movies at all, but 'The Avengers' was way too predictable and clich├ęd...

    I only watched it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and all the hype that it got made it a huge let down for me.

    Watching it on my TV was probably half the problem, I can see how it would be a good movie to watch in a cinema.

      It's *supposed* to be predictable, it's a super-hero movie! Every time people try and inject stuff into super hero movies that doesn't belong there - just to make them "unpredicatable" ends up ruining it and making a crap movie.

      Anyway, movies which are "sad" and "unpredictable" are just the next form of predictable, because everybody knows they're going to be sad and unpredictable!

        And yet, there are movies like Dark Knight, which manage to be both a superhero movie AND not just a lazy montage of action sequences and cliches.

        Why would anybody want to watch the same movie over and over just with different characters?

        I had no connection to any of the characters in 'The Avengers', and even though I didn't mind the 'Iron Man' movies, at some stages during the movie I was hoping that Stark got maimed or killed.

        Apparently all you need to do these days is make people feel nostalgic, drop in two or three hundred cheesy one liners, make a few things explode, and PRESTO! instant box office hit.

        Where has the risk taking in movies gone? Where are the Pulp Fictions, the Clockwork Oranges, the Fight Clubs?
        Is it the current global financial situation? WHAT IS IT?!

    I think it was a solidly entertaining movie. Some of the praise is a bit over the top. OTOH, I really enjoyed The Dark Knight Returns. Some of the criticism for that was over the top I felt, mostly pointing out plot holes. But Batman is one movie where I can put aside such issues with plot holes. Just the way Christopher Nolan sets the mood in his trademark fashion is something nobody else can replicate. Also, Bane scared the shit out of me.

    Which is why i don't watch these clips that show all the mistakes in a movie as it ruins the movie for me as everytime i watch, instead of enjoying it for what it is, i would be always waiting for the part in the movie that shows a mistake. Usually also little things that are the mistake. Remember a video that showed all the mistakes in Fast and The Furious 1, like in the first race scene, when they show all the racers changing gears and they show 4 white hands changing when one of the racers is Black, another scene near the end, one minute orange car is dirty and got a roof on, next minute its crystal clean and no roof, another scene where if look closely, can see the production ramps they used when chasing each other. This things i would not care about but because i saw it in a video, it now becomes obvious.

    I got a minute into that and stopped watching. Most of it to that point was them whinging rather than anything actually wrong with the movie. It's a freakin' popcorn/superhero/sci-fi flick.

    No, having a helicarrier isn't realistic (it's bloody absurd in fact, but it's freakin' cool because it's in a movie which is hardly concerned with realism and so they can have fantastical BS like that), neither is most of the main characters actual existence either. If you went to see The Avengers expecting it to be realistic I just have no idea what to say. Just... Just wut? o.0

    A minute in and I can't take anymore crazyness. Should be called "why I don't like avengers". Things like the tesseract not being explained in detail - because it's supossed to be a mysterious asgardian artifact and the entire plot of avengers is set off by people not knowing anything about it. Saying nick fury's character begins and ends with eyepatch makes me want to slap someone for not paying any attention. Actually the lack of attention is proven doubly for complaints about loki's behaviour (Yeah, he sat and had a happy chat with Thor instead of just running - that's why the heros spend the next chunk of the movie going "Uh wait a minute, WHY did he let us catch him like that? Yes, he bantered with Stark for a while, it would go against his god complex to kill off an enemy in such a quiet way when he believed he could just turn Stark into a weapon of his own, while Stark DID want to just hit hard, but his suit was busted and he needed the new one before he could do anything, hence stalling)

    Did this guy actually watch the movie, or just skim through looking for things to rip into out of context?

    Yeah, just made myself watch through the whole thing. Out of 64 "sins", there are like three that could actually be counted as bad points in context, everything else just proves this guy wasn't paying attention.

    "Loki got caught monologuing"... Yeah, he started monologuing and got interrupted mid sentence by a good guy who noticed he'd let his guard down. The entire purpose of that scene was to take the piss out of films that do what this video claims avengers was doing. Like seriously? I feel really sorry for anyone who decides not to go see such an awesome film because of this vid :(

    I think the "reviewer" tips his hand when one of the "sins" is :
    This scene has no lap-dance.

    There is no gravity in space? Hahahahahahahaha! The rest of the nitpicks are on the same level.

    Meh; just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking. Not newsworthy in the slightest unless the article contains the following text: "You may notice that all of these 'flaws' are not really flaws". The Tesseract is fully explained in Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger which are two of the four movies that build up to The Avengers. There are obvious explanations for all of the more vailid nitpicks and stuff like the helicarrier being stupid... really?

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    Nick Fury fires a missile at an American in order to stop it from firing a missile at Americans.

    HAHAHAHAHA. That made my day.

    To everyone butt hurt over this, lighten up. I loved this movie to death and got a laugh out of this vid, it's obviously very tongue in cheek. And that car chase WAS very boring.

    it was VERY watching the star wars prequels.... afterwards realising you just watched a heap of mindless entertaining crap.

    - good action crap...

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    Didn't watch the video, but think that this movie got a free pass because Joss Whedon can do no wrong. I really profoundly disliked The Avengers. I recognise that's a minority opinion.

      I'm with you, bub. In the cold hard light of day, Avengers was shite.

      Like Transformers... all the great CGI didn't make it exciting or interesting.

    Here's a list of everything that's wrong with the expendables.. Oh wait.. Everything!!

    And I still enjoyed it!

    Actually, I just watched the clip and really this person has no idea about the movie.
    For example your screen shot above says loki should just kill him straight away? Really? the whole idea of the loki bad guy is that he is flawed and seeks attention he never got because he was over shadowed by his brother.... He wants the banter, He needs to feel superior + He actually wants to mind control Iron Man and when this fails he DOES try to kill him right away by throwing him out the window.
    The other point right after about the mind control staff didn't work because it has to be direct center of the chest, come on thats not even funny, Its because It didn't touch iron mans chest it touched the metal power source in the middle of his chest.

    and the rest is stupid things like, Why does as secret base have lights??? umm so they can see. You could also cover that complain with perhaps its hiding in plain site acting as a legit company?

    Really bad, If you want an actual fun takedown with semi legit points try honest trailers

    WEll that was a load of crap. All I got out of it was that there's a Schwarma scene!

    So the fact that a guy who can turn big and green and is battling evil aliens from another world coming through some magic portal didnt really throw you in terms of realism, yet these few things did? Lol. Seriously get over it. For those that complain about its realism or plot holes, you lot should do yourselves a favour and visit Dendy cinemas more often.

    Take that biggest movie of 2012! Some guy on the Internet doesn't like you.

    It's a Whedon production. I think nitpicking plot flaws in his work is a demonstration sport for Rio 2016.

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