Here's A LaCie USB Drive In A Deep Fryer Because, Hey, Why Not?

There's probably a term you learn if you're an economics major to describe the point at which your product is so similar to every competitive product that you deep fry it in order to differentiate. Here it is.

LaCie makes great portable storage stuff — hard drives, flash drives and the like. Their little XtremKey is a stylish ruggedised redneck orange number with USB 3.0 support. It has a dumb name, but it's fast and can hold a lot of valuable things. It can also, according to this marketing video, withstand five minutes in a deep fryer. So if you're Kim Dotcom or just generally looking for a flash drive that you can also drop into boiling fat, here is one. This one does that. [LaCie]


    That is cool, in fact the drive inbetween the fries looks like a metal salt/pepper shaker. At one point I thought it was a 2-in-1, doubles up as a salt shaker too ;)

    The real question is... does it make the USB drive taste better?

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