Here Are The Clearest Pictures Of The BlackBerry 10 L-Series AKA Blackberry's Last Hope

The BlackBerry 10 L-Series, which has been spied before, just got a full centerfold at and the biggest surprise? It kind of looks wonderful. The L-Series, which is also known as the hail mary phone that RIM is banking the entire company, looks a lot like an iPhone 5 from some angles but at the same time, feels decidedly BlackBerry.

Check out more leaked pictures of the BlackBerry 10 L-Series here. [ via Crackberry]



    Looks good. I haven't played with their latest OS obviously though I hope it performs well for their company and employees.

    Charging/micro USB port on the side of the handset = bad.

    Lost interest after that.

      Why? I recently borrowed my brother's old LG Optimus 7, which has the USB on the side, and I found it quite convenient. It sat on the edge of my desk less precariously than my top-USB Lumia does.

    Power button on the top? Common..that's just a dealbreaker!

    Government departments are so afraid of blackberry going bust they're finally pushing forward with BYO devices. What hope do they have? They're not much of a consumer company, so if they lose their business monopoly what do they have? Too little too late.

    It does have a slight iphone 5 look, but far more "premium". Makes the iphone5 look like a bit like a Coke can in comparison.

      Like an iPhone but better? Uh oh! I smell trouble....

      Yeah I noticed that too. The top front section looks like the top back of the iphone 5

        I think itlooks far more like a refined version of the "London" phone that leaked last year. Sure, there are very superficial resemblences to the iPhone 5 but the connection to the "London" is far stronger. Elsewhere it looks a lot like the Playbook.

      Those are rounded corners dammit!!! IP Thieves!! -_____-

    Still might be too little too late. Never nice to see a company hit the dust though so lets hope not

    There last hope eh? Should be called the Blackberry Obi-wan phone.

    That's some nice looking kit. I wont be buying one but I'd like to see more of this

    L series? Lests hope it's not jinxed with name Last Series...

    I can't wait to get one... still supporting my companies Blackberry fleet... I'm sure I could swing my manager to send me one my way... hopefully!! :)

    Looks hot!!

    This looks pretty good. With a removable battery and microSD support, and if BB10 is anything like the Playbook OS, it could be a good phone.

    Looks good, can it save Black Berry and it's business model. Probably not.

    Pointless thinking of a great business plan when you're on the ground, bleeding from 10 gunshot wounds and probably going to die.

    Good looking phone. Looks liek an iPhone 5 a bit.

    Too bad it's running a shitty OS.

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