Here Are Some Ancient Tech Tweets From Twitter's Infancy

Twitter is such an everyday part of daily life and tech news that it's kind of hard to imagine what it was like way back in its infancy. Fortunately you don't have to; Buzzfeed dug up some ancient nuggets from the "tech elite" for your perusal.

There are plenty more to check out over at Buzzfeed. And who knows what else is hiding back there in the annals of tweet-history. Maybe it's time to do a little of your own amateur archaeology. [Buzzfeed]



    David Pogue perfectly summed up how a lot of people felt after CES 2009.

    The Pre is one of my favourite CES memories. I don't think anybody expected a great product from Palm. They just showed up and shocked everybody, completely stealing the show.

    It's kind of sad how it turned out. I really wanted WebOS to succeed.

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