Every Nintendo Console Ever Made

Nintendo has an eternal soft spot in my heart. The NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy and DS had a lasting impact on my childhood. The original Wii was the most fun I had playing video games in a long time. Nintendo probably means the same for you! (unless you were a Sega and Sony guy).

Watch this video to see the all the video game consoles that Nintendo has ever made. It's a walk back memory lane. [YouTube via Geekosystem]


    i wouldnt call a game and watch a console - it only played one game.

    did i miss the virtual boy - too bored to watch it twice...

    it forgot the gba sp. the 2screened one

    Sega fanboys represent.

    Loved the fanboy back and forth during the 90's between Sega and Nintendo fanboys.

    Growing up, it was nice. My best mate had only Nintendo consoles, and I always had Sega. So we both got to experience the best of both worlds.

    All changed once I played Mario Kart 64 though. That was the day I decided to go multiplat. I never wanted to miss out on great games on other platforms ever again.

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