HBO Greenlights Silicon Valley Comedy That Could Actually Be Good

If Bravo's Start-Ups: Silicon Valley makes you gag and, in turn, makes your gags want to gag, you could be in luck. HBO has bought the pilot for a very different Silicon Valley that might serve as an effective antidote to that reality TV schlock.

The Silicon Valley that HBO is interested in is reportedly a dark, single-camera comedy directed by Mike Judge who, for the crtically unhip, was responsible for Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, Idiocracy and, of course, Office Space. Written by Judge and partners John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, the pilot "is set in the high tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success," according to Deadline. You can't say that description doesn't sound promising.

The pilot is set to shoot in 2013 and hopefully it'll serve as a much needed counterpoint to that Bravo trash. Could this be the tech-related show we all want and deserve? Here's to hoping. [Deadline]

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