How To Put Google Maps Back On Your iPhone

No longer must we tolerate being driven into forests and left there. No longer will we be in two minds about the route Apple has chosen for us. No. Longer. Why? Because the long-rumoured Google Maps app for iPhone exists. Here's how to download it right now.

It's dead simple really. Go to the iTunes Store (here's the link) and get it. Google made it free, as well. It could have charged a few bucks for it and made a fortune, but nope, Google's got all the money it needs already. This one's on the house.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. Welcome back, Maps.



    Link seems dead to me on both my work computer and mobile 3G.

      Think it might take time to propagate. Working on my pc, not on my phone yet.


    Downloaded. It is instantly much better than Apple Maps (It is also a lot better than the old Google Maps).

    Google actually knows where I work. Apple has no idea.

      It is much much better (though the two finger swipe gesture they use could get annoying pretty quickly). What I don't understand is apple asked for all of these features in the native maps app and google said no, forcing apple to build their own inferior product. Now they've brought out the new one with all the features requested in the first place but it isn't native so there isn't deep Siri integration like it could have had. This whole debacle is very confusing. Sure there's more choice but they all have drawbacks now. There could have been one really good native app. Whoever's fault it is, it's a missed opportunity.

    never installed an app more quickly!

    Hugely appreciate the link as it wasn't turning up in the iTunes store for me. Very smooth on my 5 over LTE.

    No iPad support? I better stick with iOS 5 for a bit longer

    Well I guess I won't be getting it for a while. Been trying for 10 minutes all I get is a plain white screen no download. :-(

    If you're having problems downloading, are you following the link with Safari? Doesn't seem to work with Chrome.

      No problems with it on Chrome here.

    Google made it free, as well.

    I wouldn't put Google on the high horse there. It was always going to be free, it's always been a free service and they're smart enough to keep it free.

    Will definitely download for when I need it but I'm quite happy with Apple Maps so far and would rather use that so I can help them improve the service. Won't be improved if it's not used.

      Yeah but they don't have to keep it free for a system that tried to unsuccessfully better them ......people would have paid $1 for it.

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        Google wouldn't want to give Apple any revenue from it though

        They don't have to but I guarantee Google didn't even think twice on the price. It was always going to be free and I think everyone could have foreseen that from the get-go. It's not Google being amazingly generous, it's Google running a business.

          If this situation was just "google running a business" they would have charged for it. You sir, are an idiot.

            You sir, don't understand business.

            Google's business isn't selling apps, it's gathering data. They need it on as many devices as possible. The best way to do that is make it free.

    If you can't see it in the app store on your device, get the link from this article and email it to yourself. then just simply select the link in your email on device and it will open up the landing page for the app on the app store :)

    I'm in Apps store and it's not there :0(

    any updates on what's going on there ?

      Search for google maps, click on the Google Earth app or any official google apps, click on "More from this developer" or whatever it is, maps will be in the list

    If it was only 2 months of downtime to get what looks like a great app (far better than the old Maps app, which didn't get a major update for 4 years?) then I'm very happy.

    Thank you Google, for refusing to let Apple use a decent maps API, forcing them to use an inferior data source, forcing them to cave and allow other map apps, resulting in your maps app making it into the map store, resulting in me ending up where I would have been if you had let them use a decent API in the first place. I'm sure that all worked out better for someone.

      I thought the only thing that happened was Google wouldn't license turn-by-turn navigation to Apple under the terms of the Google Maps API?...Then Apple removed the Google app.

        You may have misunderstood me. Turn-by-turn was the google API I was refering to. But Google won't let you use their data to create an app with turn-by-turn, so if you want to do that, you are forced by circumstance to use another data source and map app. Hence the replacement of the map app with an apple map powered by Tom tom data, and also why the default app map was antiquated compared to Android in the first place.

      1 - Apple was never forced to use an inferior data source, they still had another year before their agreement with Google ended, and they chose to boot it early.
      2 - Other map apps have been in the app store long before any of this happened.
      3 - Apple needed a wake up call like this.
      4 - It works out better for us consumers - we now have more choice, we still have Google Maps and when Apple sorts their Maps app out, we'll have that option as well.

      As mentioned in my first point, Apple had a year left on their agreement with Google, once that ran out Apple probably would have made their own Maps app then anyway, so this whole dummy spit really just caused a head start on what would have happened later anyway.

      Not to mention it also means Google Maps will be even better as Google now has full control and can update as they please (provided Apple approves the update of course).

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        1. Absolutely correct, they still had a year. But they couldn't build a better map app with that data either, so they had a choice of booting google or sticking with an outdated maps app for another year and getting left further and further behind. With Android overtaking iOS as it is, stagnation is suicide for Apple.

        2. Yes that's true, I exagerated a bit, but they either expensive, have limited data or both. I doubt that an independant Google maps with turn by turn would have been approved.

        3. Maybe, but I don't really care about apple, I care about me. Besides, I doubt Apple learned anything other than "You need better data, Tom Tom is no replacement for Google" The maps app itself works reasonably well.

        4. Yes it's better in the end for consumers, but it would have been better if this whole stupid merry-go-round hadn't happened in the first place. iPhone users could have had decent google maps when android did, instead of now.

        My point is that Google and Apple essentially worked to screw users in their own little pissing match, and I'm not going to say "Yay, Google, you saved us from a problem that you were 50% responsible for!"

    And this is exactly why Apple dropping Google Maps was a good thing. Google was never going to sit on the sidelines and not release an application, so now a few months later we have a far far better Google Maps on iOS than we have had for years, and there is also the option of sticking with Apples solution if you want.

    For a couple of months the transition may have been painful for some, sure, but this is the payoff that was always going to come. The only real loss is being iOS, the app won't integrate into other application when you click links etc, but I'll take turn by turn over that any day.

    I have a better idea. Get a phone with an OS that works out of the box rather than having to wait for third parties to fix the screwups of the designers.

    In other news, iOS 6 gets a sudden surge of downloads :P

    Turn by turn voice is a whiney American female, ala, Ellen Degenerate. Won't be using that any time soon. Blaaaa.

    Got it, love it already. I wonder if Apple will promote it in their "Find maps for your iDevice" sections on the App Store? :P

    The new google maps app has turn by turn too!

    Sometching else interesting, is that Google are providing their own URL scheme and API for other iOS developers to use Google Maps, rather than Apple Maps in their apps. While this isn't as good as native device integration, its much better than nothing, and I imagine many developers would rather use the accuracy of Google Maps as their data source over Apple's.

    Other points of note - There are no ads! Google Maps are lightening fast too, due partly to being vector based (unless in satellite view of course) just like they have been for ages on Android, with 3D buildings etc. There are also easy gestures, transit instructions, and a nice bonus - any place can be opened in Google Earth in one click if you have it installed.

    There's some caching going on (no offline mode like Android yet though) which helps with performance too, and the slick, minimalist UI, and turn by turn voice instructions that continue to run in the background are the icing on the cake :)

    With fantastic quality Chrome, Google+ , YouTube, Gmail, Drive and now Maps apps On iOS, it's great to see Google providing the best possible experience to so many users, regardless of their choice in mobile OS.

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