Google CEO Talks Apple Spats, Google+ And The Future Of Search

Google CEO Talks Apple Spats, Google+ And The Future Of Search

CNN Money has managed to get a rare, long interview with Google head honcho Larry Page. In fact, it’s only Page’s second big interview with a print publication since he became CEO back in 2011. Here are some choice cuts.

On Google’s relationship with Apple:

“I think it would be nice if everybody would get along better and the users didn’t suffer as a result of other people’s activities. I try to model that. We try pretty hard to make our products be available as widely as we can. That’s our philosophy. I think sometimes we’re allowed to do that. Sometimes we’re not.”

On criticisms over Plus being woven into Google search:

“What you should want us to do is to really build amazing products and to really do that with a long-term focus… We have to understand anything you might search for. And people are a big thing you might search for… I think that people weren’t focused on the long-term. And I think again it’s important if we’re going to do a good job meeting your information needs, we actually need to understand things and we need to understand things pretty deeply. People are a component of that.”

On wringing money out of its users:

“The fact that a phone has a location is really helpful for monetization… I view a whole bunch of things as additive that you can do on mobile that you couldn’t do before. And I think with those things, we’re going to make more money than we do now… I think there’s no company you would choose that would be better positioned to transition and innovate in mobile advertising and monetization. We’ve got all the pieces we need to do that going forward.”

On the future of search:

“The perfect search engine would really understand whatever your need is. It would understand everything in the world deeply, give you back kind of exactly what you need… In order to meet our users’ needs, the more accurate, the more detailed, the more structured the data we have, the better. That’s why we bought ITA — to make sure we had better structured travel information.”

There is, of course, plenty more where that came from over on CNN Money. Go take a look. [CNN Money]

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