Gizmodo Awards 2012: Vote On Your Favourite Mobile Phone

You came, you saw, you nominated. Now it's time to get down to the nitty, gritty of voting on the handset of the year.

Will the Lumia 920 take out the crown? What about the bargain Nexus 4? Could the iPhone 5 take out the crown. You'll only know if you vote for your favourite!

You can even tell us what you voted for in the comments and why.

Poll closes on 10 December 2012 at 10am AEDT. All handsets are ordered alphabetically. In the interest of fairness, only one vote is allowed.



    Lumia 920, all the way.
    I used a friends Lumia920 yesterday evening for a good amount of time, and i am impressed. The high rez, fast refresh rate curved screen, the camera, the wireless charging, the superb build quality. My GalaxyS3 feels old and mehish.

    Lumia 920, because phoenix by 900 and 808.

      I own many different phones - iphone, samsung s1,s2, s3, note 1, note 2, HTC one x and now the Nokia 920 and I have to say Nokia is the best phone. I have sold all other phone and kept the Nokia 920. I was hesitant to switch from note 2 and s3 to Nokia 920 but after 2 weeks of using the Nokia, I would say Nokia is the best phone so far.

    Erm, it's clear that this vote has gone off the rails. Clearly the 920 wins by force of majority, but that's because it was linked here by other sites. But I for one still believe it has what it takes to be the best phone here.

      I'm sure (and know it) that this site has been linked to many Apple and Android sites as well.

    Unfair test. You have the iPhone 5 which is one device, one OS, against several devices of each of the other OSs. iPphone will win every time with this type of survey.

      in case you didn´t notice the iphone 5 is getting its ass handed to it.

    For people complaining about pole tampering, read through the comments. Looks like the ratio of people talking about voting for the 920 reflects the actual votes.

    love my Lumia 920 !!!

    Wmpoweruser and other windows fanboi sites are sending people here to vote for the lumia hence the skewed results.

    One poster on wmpoweruser posted how to vote multiple times.

    Pretty sad losers, they done this last year in various polls to get the lumia 900 to win online awards.....pity their market share is not reflected by these polls.

      Well, I came here following a link at an Apple fansite. But still, voted for Lumia!

        Me too... and judging from my brief and great experience with Lumia 920 last night from a friend who came from US, all 4 of my friend now wants to dump their iPhone.

      The phone hasn't even been out a month yet. Of course its share will be low. Besides, some unfortunate people are on a carrier that doesn't even have the option of getting a Lumia 920. Also, there are Apple fans and Android fans who will be much slower at moving over to a new ecosystem.

      That being said, the Lumia 920 is more phone than any of its competitors, and if you used one, you would know.

    I owned a HTC HD7 as soon as they came out, that was with WP7, WP7.5 was a good upgrade. I kept the phone for 2 years and recently upgraded to a Lumia 920, not because there was anything wrong with the HTC, it never slowed down, never lagged or crashed i just fancied a new phone. I have to use an iphone 4 for work, only had it about 6 months and it started to slow down and freeze with only about 4 apps on it, has it's good points but very boring to use. The Lumia is far superior apart from the choice of apps, even though i can get most of what it want. My vote, Lumia 920 with WP8. Wouldn't have bought one if it had android on it, tried android phones, didn't like at all.

    Nokia Lumia 920 FTW !!!!

      Well, I'm not that surprised. Sure, there will be plenty more votes to be given, but Lumia deserves the win. It is the best one out there.

    Lumia 920. The best one by far.

    Just vote for 920:
    Screen, Os, Camera, solid Build, Nokia app

    Lumia 920 - I'm loving it. Ecosystem (apps): so-so. Software: gaining maturity fast. But it's the hardware that really excites me. The screen and camera (two big ticket items) are the best on the market

    Ordered a white Lumia 920 today, will arrive this Wednesday.
    After having owned three previous Iphone models Its kinda strange It took Nokia and MS to make me switch

    I love lumia 920. the fantastic design, super sensitive touch and nokia software are my favorites.
    Also iphone is so good but i vote lumia. It little better to me at least.

    Wow, after half a year I can comment. I'm back.

    Oh and yeah 920 is the way to go. Revolutionary not just evolution.

    wow! i am surprised to see so much love for the Lumia 920! i thought i was the only one!

    Lumia 920 all the way. Love the phone, the best device I have ever owned.

    Lumia 920, of course.

    If you're so interested in this poll that you're reading and posting comments, you yourself are probably a "fanboy" of some kind... The Lumia 920 is killing it, full stop, end of story.

    Put your ego and preference for apple/android/windows ecosystem aside and just let Nokia & Microsoft have their moment of glory. It is deserved, and it has been a long time in the making.

    The poll is asking for the breakthrough phone/technology/cool-factor of the year, not which side you bat for. Isn't it a good thing just to finally have a legitimate alternative to iPhone?

    PS - anyone complaining of the votes being skewed by traffic from other blog sites should understand the numbers - windows phone is less than 5% market share here and WW, and the reported first shipment of lumias to Telstra/JB/HN was 1000u in total. The amount of positive feedback and comments should be indicative of why its leading the poll.

    where's the poll result?

      We hid it until next week so we can keep the winners a surprise!

        You did it because you didn't want people to see Lumia 920 was "winning" ? Or so that you can post the winner of your choice . ? Whats the harm in people being able to the poll results ????

        This particular poll obviously went viral in some Nokia channel somewhere. The Lumia 920 may very well be the most popular phone of 2012, but your poll has been compromised nonetheless.

        I've seen this happen several times, especially when a poll is announced on FB. Lifehacker ran a few favorite app polls and the results sometimes show which app spent money on social network marketing.

        Why did you do that? The poll not going your way or what?

        And yes, I voted for the 920 as almost all who commented here. And for the same reasons, it's not only the best but also created something new! Welcome back Nokia!

    Lumia 920 is indeed awesome, with phase 2 Pureview technology and others, but I voted for 808 as it's definitely the best cameraphone out there and I'll definitely buy one soon.

    I have the Lumia 920. Voted for the Lumia 920 obviously =)

    I'm quite surprised that the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII were lagging so far behind. Last I checked (before the poll results were hidden) the Lumia 920 had over 80% of the votes with the iPhone 5 in second place with just over 4%. As much as I love that the Lumia is in front I do find it hard to believe the iPhone and Galaxy SIII are THAT far behind.

    Nevertheless I'm glad the Lumia 920 is in front. The recognition of Nokia's efforts are well deserved.

    I voted for Nokia 808. I owned one, since i am more into photography. Regardless of the old symbian platform, this phone satisfy my photography needs. Best pic, best video recording, and the one and only best audio recording

      The 920 also has the same audio recording in videos as the 808. It's amazing! Voted for the 920!

    I too voted for the Lumia 920, I do hope as mentioned earlier the poll hasn't been fouled by fanboys because that would be a real shame.

    I've been a long time owner of iPhones since the first gen, with an android and a wp7 phone in the mix and I have avoided Nokia's for the better part of 10 years because of build quality issues I experienced but I decide to give it a chance and what I'm most reminded of is I get the same feeling with the 920 now relatively speaking as I did with the 3GS iPhone. Which was just about where Apple and the iPhone "hit its stride" so to speak in my eyes.

    It's simply a pleasure to use, what it does, it does very well. Theres a feeling that the groundwork has been laid. It's fast enough, feature complete enough and I feel it has real promise and I'm genuinely excited again about having a new gadget that suprises and pleases me with things it can do each and every day and look forward to it receiving the developer support it I think it deserves. I know that part is a bit of a gamble, but I gave Apple a go on an unknown quantity way back when, I don't see why not to give MS/Nokia the same courtesy when it appears they've put out a well designed, feature rich product.

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