Gizmodo Awards 2012: Television Of The Year

Gizmodo Awards 2012: Television Of The Year

This week we’re announcing the best tech of the year, and we’re about to announce the best television of 2012. And the winner is…

Readers’ Choice:

Samsung Series 8 3D LED TV

Samsung make killer smart TVs, and the readers have spoken! Samsung’s Series 8 3D LED TV has the goods. Congratulations to Samsung on the win!

Honourable Mentions:
Sony Bravia 4K TV — 30 per cent
Sony Bravia HX850 — 8 per cent

Editor’s Choice

LG Ultra-High Definition (4K) LED TV

2012 saw the industry take its first tentative steps into 4K, and with any new format comes high prices. We saw that with the Sony Bravia 4K TV at a whopping $25,000. LG showed us that it could do similar quality for a whopping $9000 less. Sure, it’s still expensive, but if you’re putting together a massive home theatre system, $9000 can go a long way towards something else you need. Congratulations to LG on the win!

Honourable Mention:
Sony Bravia 4K TV