Gizmodo Awards 2012: Best Laptop

This week we're announcing the best tech of the year, and we're at the pointy end of finding the best laptop of 2012. And the winner is...

Votes galore on this one, but there can only be one winner...

Readers' Choice:

MacBook Pro with Retina Display (15-inch)

Apple made a good laptop great with the inclusion of one of the best looking screens ever to grace a laptop. Congratulations to Apple on this great device which walked away with 25 per cent of the vote.

Honourable Mentions:Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-Inch) — 11.4 per cent • Apple 13-Inch MacBook Air (2012) — 10.8 per cent

Editor's Choice

Apple 13-Inch MacBook Air (2012)

As we previously mentioned, Apple spent the year making good laptops great. The mid-2012 update to the MacBook Air gave us more power and a more refined experience built-on a solid foundation. The beautiful design gives way to an updated version of OS X which doesn't yet feel long in the tooth thanks to quality annual revisions and a set of ports and hardware that won't leave you wanting for everyday computing power.

Throw a copy of Windows 8 at it with your favourite virtualisation software and you've got a do-anything machine that wouldn't look out of place in a contemporary art museum.

Congratulations to Apple on the win.

Honourable Mention:Razer Blade (2012)



    Apple biased shit.

      Apparently every time a website recommends an Apple product, it's obviously biased towards Apple. And every time they don't recommend an Apple product, they're obviously biased against Apple. I guess there's just no pleasing some people.

      Not Biased, just Apple Shit. How a Mac anything beats a PC I'm not sure.

        Buy one and find out. Until then, you might never be sure.

          But of course, he can't afford one. That's probably why he hates them.

          I use one every day and I can't see it. I would certainly never waste my own money on one.

            I use one every day and I can't see it.

            Get your glasses checked then.

              Brilliant riposte, exactly what I'd do if I had no real, valid argument to present. Great work.

      Did you bother voting? Did you see the voting results a few weeks back and the comments when the voting was opened up? The majority was all for Apple....and the votes and comments were not the people writing the stuff on this was the readers.
      If you have a problem with that dont call out the website for bias but have a crack at your fellow readers. Dont forget, this is voted by them! READERS CHOICE.

      Deonyi, another issue is when comparing Apple/others, you have to remember Apple had about 3/6 different "Types" of laptops where as "PC's" have 3-6 (per company i.e. Samsung/lenovo/toshiba etc...) and the market is divided, so the people who are in the Apple Ecosystem will all be choosing their own laptop (Macbook pro/Air). Not only that, Apple is currently taking over the consumer market because people loved iPods, then they loved the iPhones, now they are tring to get all their items Apple, so they are loving their Macbook's. If we can also be honest, They are a good consumer device so I am not surprised that they won, however I am surprised that they won the editor's choice, Especially since they mention that all you need to do is add windows to it to make it a do everything laptop.

    Wow, this has to be the biggest load of shit I have ever seen. You guys need to stop being raped of your integrity.

      A readers choice award, chosen by votes. Integrity would have the site publish the result, no?
      Editors choice, you can't really complain about that, given its THEIR opinion. What they like is what they like, not what you think is best, given that you're not editor.

    Would love to see the results/ranking for the other laptops? Honorable mention Razer Blade, honestly....

    I think with 10% of the vote, this makes a good argument for preferential voting. The macbook won basically by receiving a vote consistent with the total market share of the OS.

      Surveys/Votes are always going to be bias in a situation like this where a relatively select group of people get to have input. So yes, it's g

      The macbook 15 inch got 25%, the 13 inch 11% and the Air 10%, a total of 46%. Which is a hell of a lot higher than their market share.

    I'm a long time Apple hater but this year I succumbed and bought the MacBook Pro with retina display. I couldn't agree mot it is the best laptop around.

    Find me a laptop with 16GB RAM, with a blistering fast SSD that only weighs 2 KGS and my MacBook will still win with the brilliant screen resolution.

    And I run Windows 8 on it. I'm not that crazy about OS X.

      Sure, if you want to spend around $3000 on a laptop (give or take depending on configuration), then you'd expect to have the best laptop around. "Best" in this case obviously not considering value for money.

        This. At a $1.5K to $2K premium over other laptops of similar specs. You better had hoped all that money had gone into good design.

    My suspicions are the due to the fact that Apple has a significantly smaller line up in comparison to the rest of the PC market, there is a higher chance that an Apple computer would win the readers choice.

    That and I feel they're pretty good computers minus the OS.


    The fact that everyone is trying to copy Apple is a big plus to Apple.
    When I see a line of pretenders in JB-HIFi, all I can say is - attack of the clones :)

    I'd love a MacBook but unfortunately most of the software I run is Windows only, and the options under Mac OS is so limiting I'd find it too much of a backward step to make the shift.

    As for running Windows itself on the MacBook, if you'd actually tried it day to day you wouldn't be recommending it as a serious option.

    Dear PC users. Please be aware that you can choose any computer you like. You are not being forced to buy anything. Please also try find anything on the market that has the technology, build quality, reliability and use ability of these two winners. They are both category defining products.

    Good luck.

    LMAO, obviously there are way too many MBP users that read Gizmodo.

    I'm really not surprised that a Luke Hopewell article resulted in an Apple appraisal...

    Not an Apple fan (moreso critical of their business practices & put off by the hoardes of unthinking, brainwashed followers who spout pro-Apple BS night & day like they're and are incapable of critical thought) but I have to say, gotta give credit where it's due. Both really nice pieces of hardware.

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