Gizmodo Awards 2012: Best Laptop

Gizmodo Awards 2012: Best Laptop

This week we’re announcing the best tech of the year, and we’re at the pointy end of finding the best laptop of 2012. And the winner is…

Votes galore on this one, but there can only be one winner…

Readers’ Choice:

MacBook Pro with Retina Display (15-inch)

Apple made a good laptop great with the inclusion of one of the best looking screens ever to grace a laptop. Congratulations to Apple on this great device which walked away with 25 per cent of the vote.

Honourable Mentions:
Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13-Inch) — 11.4 per cent
Apple 13-Inch MacBook Air (2012) — 10.8 per cent

Editor’s Choice

Apple 13-Inch MacBook Air (2012)

As we previously mentioned, Apple spent the year making good laptops great. The mid-2012 update to the MacBook Air gave us more power and a more refined experience built-on a solid foundation. The beautiful design gives way to an updated version of OS X which doesn’t yet feel long in the tooth thanks to quality annual revisions and a set of ports and hardware that won’t leave you wanting for everyday computing power.

Throw a copy of Windows 8 at it with your favourite virtualisation software and you’ve got a do-anything machine that wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary art museum.

Congratulations to Apple on the win.

Honourable Mention:
Razer Blade (2012)