Gift Guide: Thoughtful Gifts For Your Sainted Mother

She birthed you. She nurtured you. She took way too many pictures of you before prom. The very least you can do for the original special lady in your life is get her a decent holiday gift. Put down the Keurig, son. Try these instead.

Canon Powershot S110

Mum can use her smartphone to take pictures, sure, but let's face it; she's more comfortable with a point-and-shoot. Especially one that combines incredible pictures (that your iPhone can't match) with an easy-to-use touchscreen. Remember, mum's not just taking pictures of her lunch. She's building albums' worth of memories.

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

In a world filled with single-serve coffee and cans of Coke Zero, your mum is one of the few holdouts who actually drinks tea from time to time, and makes it the old fashioned way. So why not help make tea time fun with a yellow submarine infuser? Also recommended for bath time.

Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

There's cooking, and then there's what your mum does. She's got the art down, so why not give her the gift of a little science to go along with it? This cutting board will give her the control she craves, down to the very last centimetre.

Vin2Go Wine Sippy Cup

Today's on-the-go mum needs her special juice every bit as much as her toddler, but sometimes can't afford to drink it in a calm, calamity-free environment. Enter the sippy cup for wine, an innovation unmatched in maternity since the crockpot first tenderised a chuck.

Moleskine and Milk Photobook

You used to squirm when your mum made you sit for a family picture, but now? Those albums are the only memory you've got left of when you were just a little squirt. Time to return the favour, by putting some of your favorite kinfolk photographs into one of these beautifully bound Moleskine photobooks.

Nokia Lumia 820

Your mum likely doesn't know what a Windows Phone is, but trust us. She'll love it. It's intuitive, it's fun, and if her time's up for a new phone, it's cheap for you, too. Anyone can buy their mum an iPhone. But a Lumia—in her favorite color—says you actually put some thought into it this year.

Tiny Tim Booklights

Your mum still reads books printed on paper instead of E-ink, and you know what? That's okay! At least she can do it in style, with these adorable bitty booklights that would feel right at home in a Pixar short. $8.

Google Nexus 7

Your mum loves books, music, movies and magazines, but giving her all of those would be a huge pain. Why not give her a device that can access all of them then? Seems like a no-brainer to me, and now it's nice and cheap and available in stores so it's a simple gift.

Got a better idea? Share it with us. We truly want to make sure these guides help people buy epic holiday gifts, and many minds are better than a few.

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