Gift Guide: Geeky Secret Santa Gifts Under $30

Secret Santa, Kris Kringle or just the plain, old office gift pool. No matter what you call it, it's probably time to start thinking about what you're going to get your co-workers for Christmas. Here are our top picks for geeky gifts under $30 for your office Secret Santa.

Pick Punch

If have to buy a present for the office's resident rock star, there's no better cheap gift than the Pick Punch. Basically it's a hole punch that lets you stamp out guitar picks out of credit cards, gift cards or any other kind of hard plastic. Party on.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

If your present needs to be for someone artistic, why not bring their work into the 21st century with the Wacom Bamboo stylus for tablets? Being arty has never looked so modern, and it's from Wacom so you know it's good.

Lego Moleskine Notebook

Doodles, sketches, notes and forget-me-nots, notebooks are the business. There's no better notebook than Moleskine, and there's nothing more geeky than LEGO. What could be better than the two of them combined?

CyberClean Keyboard Putty

Keyboards are horrible places, why not give your deskmate something to fix that. This putty moulds into the awful places between your keys and lifts out the nine-month old sandwich bits out of that horrible place.

iPhone 4 Cassette Case

Who said cheap couldn't be effective? The cassette case is a great way to spruce up an iPhone and a great out for cheap Secret Santa!

Nerf N-Strike Maverick Double Pack

Big boys toys! The Nerf gun is an ageless toy, and the N-Strike Maverick is the most fun you can have with foam. These double packs are a bargain.

Cable Management

Don't you just hate it when someone else's cable hydra starts creeping onto your desk? Thankfully, IKEA have a whole bunch of cable management niceness you can get on the cheap.

Whiskey Stones

There's nothing worse than a watery scotch. If you know someone who loves their booze in the office, this is the gift for them, and it shows off how much you know about good alcohol, too.



    Got the whiskey stones for my co-worker last year.

      I always worried about the whiskey stones knocking my teeth out...

    Keyboard putty link isn't working (though its not difficult to figure out where it should be headed)

    I've used whiskey stones a lot but they just don't seem to cool as effectively as ice. I mostly drink my whisk(e)y neat now.

      This is the first time I've heard of whiskey stones, and they sound great.

      It's probably true they don't cool as well as ice though, because the stones probably just cool the whiskey through conduction, which is that the stones are cool and they're touching the whiskey so the temperature averages out.

      Ice however cools largely through the fact that when ice turns into water it takes a LOT of energy, which it gets by cooling down the whiskey significantly.

        Ice also flattens the taste of a good scotch, whiskey stones dont.
        Chilled glass with 2 stones and your drink stays cool for ages.

          I use one piece of ice in my scotch. cools it just nicely, plus, once it melts, the water "unlocks the taste" of the scotch, the same way air "unlocks" a nice red.

          any more than one, and it does tend towards ruined.

            Water "unlocks" other more subtle flavours but the temperature drop flattens it also. Most purists will tell you to drink it neat at room temp, or add a little water, but not to chill it with ice.

      When we couldent find anywhere in aus to buy whiskey stones my dad got half a ton of the steeltite or soapstone or whatever it is that they use and started making them and now we are looking to sell them i think.. once we find an effiecent way to cut them into cubes

        Dan Murphy and a bunch of other places sell them. Good luck with that.

    LOVE the pick punch!

      Agreed! I bought one for my brother but tried it out first, very cool

        I'm actually going to take this suggestion and buy this for my little brother!

          ended up buying the Australian equivalent of the pick punch, "pick master"from ebay for little brother - was so great I bought it for my brother-in-law and myself too haha

    Nerf guns for guaranteed harmless office fun! I've got some at home and they're great for killing 10 minutes. Takes 2 seconds to draw a target on a window!

      yes... but how long to draw the same target on a coworker?

        It's been done. The suction bullets attach quite nicely to a forehead.

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