GE Just Pimped Santa's Sleigh

You think Santa's just flying in some dumb antique sleigh sprinkled with fairy dust? You're dead wrong, buddy. GE has given the fat man's ride a high-tech redesign.

How much did GE pimp out Santa's ride? They added air traffic control technology, so he doesn't hit any gridlock on the way from rooftop to rooftop. They gave those reindeer a boost with a little thing called an engine. And it also added an Electric Traction Motor — like the one used in hybrid cars — that turns off the sleigh when it's idle. It also lets Rudolph take a nap when he's tired.

The blades of Pape Noel's ride are now more aerodynamic, because they're 3D-printed. And the frame of the entire thing is built from the same ceramic composites used in jet engines, making it one-third lighter. Don't forget about the battery; it's a GE Durathon, which means it will last 10 times longer than your regular acid battery. Looks like we all owe GE a debt of gratitude; it's hard to imagine how ol' Saint Nick made it around the globe with out all these shiny new toys. [GE]

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