Game Of Thrones Was 2012's Most Pirated Show

If you spend any time on the internet at all, this shouldn't shock you: Game of Thrones was the most pirated show of the year.

Dexter, last year's number one, fell to second place because dire wolf enthusiasts downloaded a single episode of GoT 4,280,000 times. Also because Game of Thrones is awesome. Winter is coming again in March, giving fans of the series a chance to up that number for 2013. [TorrentFreak]


    Yeah, Top Gear wasn't on this year.

    And to think, if they allowed digital downloads, HBO could have made a mint from this. It is time for the Movie/TV Studios to start allowing paid download from a central server. A Newsnet Service wotj programs that index and snatch would be the way to go

      If Tryion Lannister was running things this is what they'd be doing. Unfortunately, Craster is running things.

    The thing is I know for Aussies that legitimately paying for episodes as they came out was literally impossible. They never even gave the option so people had to do it themselves.. Just so happened to be free.

    How is it pirated if it is on free to
    Air tv?

      TV networks pay to air a TV show. They then ad commercials to get their money back and then some. Pirated TV shows are not paid for.

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