Gift Guide: Fresh-Ground Gifts For A Coffee Nerd's Superior Palate

Yeah, the rise of artisanal coffee represents yet another insufferable trend of snobby uber-cool types everywhere. But the fact is, a delicious cup of quality coffee is truly just a GREAT thing. If someone you know wants to enter the vast world of coffee brewing and tasting, these gifts are a good way to get them started.

Baratza Virtuoso Grinder

This is possibly the most important item for successful home-brewing. You need a quality burr grinder to produce evenly sized grounds appropriate for your chosen brew method. Grinders can cost over $1000, but Baratza's Virtuoso is a great cheaper option. It might not have the chops for high-quality espresso, but it won't let you down for a cup of joe.

Hario V60 cone and server

The pour-over is a classic way to bring the best out of your coffee. It is an essential skill for any coffee dweeb, and once mastered, with produce a terrific cup. Hario makes all the equipment you need. The ceramic cone and paper filters to start, then for style points add in the glass server. You'll also want to get the special pouring kettle, also featured in this guide.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp Water Kettle

Boiling water over a stove is fine, but precise coffee brewing requires temperature control. A boiler like the PerfecTemp kettle is the easiest way to reach your desired temp. It also is much faster than doing it on the stove!

Clever Dripper

The Clever Dripper is an ugly hunk of plastic, but has quickly captured the hearts of coffee lovers everywhere. It is a super easy way of brewing great coffee without a lot of hassle or equipment to buy (except filters). You can control how long your coffee steeps, but don't end up with the sandy bottom like with a French Press.

Aerobie Aeropress

For an inexpensive and fool-proof method of brewing, get after an Aeropress. It doesn't require a fancy pouring device, and you can look online for dozens of brewing "recipes" by accomplished Aeropress enthusiasts everywhere

Hario Buono Drip Kettle

A good pour-over is partly dependent on pouring technique. To achieve a slow and even pour, you need a gooseneck kettle like the Hario Buono. It might seem gratuitous, but once you have poured water with this thing, that old tea kettle you used to use just seems primitive.

Chemex Brewer

Chemex brewing is a classic method that produces more volume than the Hario pour-over. You can brew up to 8 cups depending on the size of the carafe. The equipment is also downright beautiful. Don't forget the paper filters!

Got a better idea? Share it with us. We truly want to make sure these guides help people buy epic holiday gifts, and many minds are better than a few.

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