Flickr: A Photo App That’s Far Past Fashionably Late

Flickr: A Photo App That’s Far Past Fashionably Late

Yahoo must be making at least a small effort to resurrect Flickr. Today it finally, finally gave birth to an updated Flickr iPhone app. If only it weren’t three years overdue.

What does it do?

It’s basically a pared down version of Flickr on the desktop, fitted to an iPhone app. You know, how apps do. It lets you add filters to your photos, share them to Flickr, browse your contacts to find your Flickr friends, and peruse pics others have added.

Why do we like it?

We’re really glad Flickr has an app that’s updated for Apple’s current hardware and operating system, and it has some good features. For example you can flip a photo around to see EXIF data, which remaining Flickr users will appreciate. Horizontal scrolling is also nice, and overall the app is well-designed. But there’s an important caveat, and that is how late this Flickr app update is to the party. Flickr, of course, used to be a vibrant, active community, and it’s fallen far from what it once was. Although it’s great that Yahoo finally gave it some love, and the app is pretty, it might be too tardy to save that sinking ship. [Yahoo]


Download this app for: iPhone (free)
The best part: instant sharing
The worst part: too little, too late