FCC To FAA: C'mon, Let People Use Electronics During Takeoff

The US Federal Aviation Authority has been mulling over the idea of allowing the use of electronic devices during takeoff for a little while now. The US Federal Communications Commission, however, is getting impatient — and its chairman is now urging the FAA to get a move on.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski wrote a letter — people still do that! — to Michael Huerta, the acting administrator of the FAA, this week, reports The Hill. He urged him that it was time to "enable greater use of tablets, ereaders and other portable devices" during flights. Finally, good sense. His reasoning is something we can all agree with:

"[M]obile devices are increasingly interwoven in our daily lives. They empower people to stay informed and connected with friends and family, and they enable both large and small businesses to be more productive and efficient, helping drive economic growth and boost U.S. competitiveness."

In the scraps of the letter that are publicly available, he doesn't mention that gadgets won't make an aeroplane explode. But we're sure that's what he was getting at. [The Hill]

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    Oh great, this means there's going to be a plane full of people tapping away at Facebook updates "Plane is taking off now, feeling nervous".

      "seatbelt sign just came on, going to have to stop typing now so I can do it up, lol rofl lmfao :-) :-( , now the steward is telling me to do it too, some people! "

    Sure so we'll let that tablet go in smack someone in the face because of a rejected take off or an emergency.

      Exactly. There is more than one reason for the rule. They make you stow all your bags in the overhead compartment for this same reason; there's no way in hell I want some idiot's iphone bouncing around the cabin smacking people in the head in the case of an emergency. Get over it people, you can bloody well wait two minutes to get back on twitter.

        It would have been more appropriate if the USFFC had SMS'ed their correspondence to FAA, better still if they had done it whilst taxiing on a runway.

    The responses here created a new "flaming arseholes" image in my mind of all those "tech using idiots" we all know and love, who already get flamed by cabin crews for disobeying turn-off instructions...

    I can just imagine it on fb now:
    "plane just crash landed off the end of the runway after take off"
    "p***k in window seat is trying to climb over me while i type this - some people are so pushy"
    "bloody poofta steward is telling me to get down the slide now"

    Texts to colleagues:
    "will be late to meeting, my flight is delayed due to crash landing"
    "f**king qantas, couldn't take off on time if they tried"
    "bloody poofta steward is telling me to get down the slide now"

    Comments to cabin crew:
    "i'll get out of this burning f**king mess of an aircraft when i've sent this text/email/update"
    "i don't f**king care if you want to get out, this is an important fb update"
    "i'll go down the slide when i've finished this game, ok!?"

    They are still flaming arseholes - just post crash they have had their rectums burned to a crisp in the most productive, efficient and competitive manner!

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    I think if they changed there reasoning to we want you to listen to the safety and take off and landing is the most dangerous part of the flight rather than "it interferes with the aircraft" they might not get so many complaints. But because they stuck to that excuse which has been publicly proven as wrong it bound to get people crying foul.

    its a conspiracy by book and magazine companies forcing you to buy their products

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