Famous Photos Taken As Selfies Are So Damn Hilarious

Selfies are hilarious photographs people take of themselves. It's a close cousin to the MySpace mirror shot and birthed from the proliferation of smartphones and point-and-shoots. There's nothing more awkward than catching someone in the process of taking a selfie. So when you take these famous photographs and repurpose them as mobile phone selfies? It's freaking hilarious.

Oh there's Prince William making sure he gets a kiss in with Kate. Oh there's Churchill making sure his cigar is perfectly smoky. It's so good.

The photo series, created by ad agency Lowe Cape Town for The Cape Times has the tagline "you can't get any closer to the news". And unless you're taking a picture of your nostrils, you really can't get more personal than a selfie.

[FastCo Create]



    Great photoshop skills here. I wish there where more, they are quite amusing.

      Same, it'd be interesting to see the Beatles, Hitler, or Elvis doing a selfie pose

    Why did you crop out the ad it's for? It's great creative.

    war kiss - is she punching him in throat? she don't look comfortable lol

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