Facebook's Mobile App Just Got Better At Finding New Places

Facebook is rolling out a nice little update to its iOS and Android apps today that should make it easier to find new places of interest so you can go there and waste time and/or money.

The update packs a few new features into the app's "Nearby" tab, including the ability peruse a list of local places by category like "Restaurant" and then select an item to see which of your friends have checked in or liked it, so you can give it a try or write it off depending on the friend. Of course, you can also rate places yourself and recommend them to your friends, and eventually your incestuous little like-circle will start churning out some super solid suggestions.

According to Facebook, this is only the begging of new features for the Nearby tab and more goodies will be coming in the near future. You can read more about the update in the Facebook Newsroom, and the update should be going out later today.

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