Facebook's 2012 Trend Report Reveals What Really Matters To Australians

Twitter did it, and then Google did it, and now Facebook has done it too with its fancy trend report for 2012. What did we talk about the most this year? Where did we insist on checking in? What were our favourite songs? And what does it say about us as Australians?

Well, it turns out we're suckers for anything related to music, movies and entertainment. We obsessed the most over British boy band One Direction, and reality TV shows Big Brother and The Voice. The London Olympics and Sydney Swans make modest sport-related entries at number 3 and 7 respectively.

Gotye's hit single, which everybody still seems to be playing non-stop, surprisingly was not the top trend in songs for the year. It was pipped by Bon Iver, Carly Rae Jepson and that annoying Maroon 5 song about payphones. Folks in Sydney and Melbourne are the only ones who still care about checking in, completely dominating the top 10 list of check-in locations for Australia.

According to Facebook's US trends in technology, Instagram topped the list, followed by Facebook's own timeline, Pinterest, Draw Something and the iPhone 5.

There are one billion active Facebook users around the world, and yet I cannot relate to these trends at all. You can suss out all the data for yourself over on Facebook Stories.

Picture: Facebook

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