Facebook Messenger For Firefox: Never Miss A Facebook Chat

Facebook Messenger For Firefox: Never Miss A Facebook Chat

You’re always chatting on Facebook using your phone. And now you have even more options to constantly converse on the browser too. Today, Mozilla pushed out Facebook Messenger for Firefox.

What does it do?

Not technically an app, but it lets you chat on Facebook no matter what site you’re on. You must have Firefox 17. Then head over to the Facebook Messenger for Firefox page and click the green button that says “turn on”.

Why do we like it?

You don’t have to keep a tab open to keep a conversation going on Facebook. You could be trolling Craigslist missed connections and still messaging with a pal from the ‘book. Sometimes you get a Facebook message and you don’t respond immediately and then you just forget about it forever. Then you run into the sender at a party and it’s awkward because he contacted you and you ignored it and that’s just embarrassing. Download this Firefox extension, and it’ll be much less likely that you’ll have one of those uncomfortable encounters. [Mozilla, Facebook via The NextWeb]

Facebook Messenger for Firefox

Download this app for: Firefox (free)
The best part: you’re always on Facebook
The worst part: you’re always on Facebook