Danger! Your Dick Smith DVD Player May Be About To Catch Fire

Yeah, I know; you're a modern Giz-reading type, and any media you watch will either be on a Blu-ray disc or stored on your home server. But that doesn't mean there aren't lots of portable DVD players out there. And it turns out that four models sold by Dick Smith have potential battery overheating issues, which has prompted the chain to issue a recall.

Fire picture from Shutterstock

As the recall notice helpfully explains: "The four products are being recalled due to a potential safety hazard where the internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery may overheat and pose a fire risk." Affected models (sold between November 2009 and July 2012) include three 7-inch players (D6200, D6201and GE4203) and one 9-inch beast (the D6203). If you need to help a confused relative check their model, the catalogue number is listed on the rear or base of the player.

You can return the player to any Dick Smith store for a full refund — good consumer practice, though a little annoying if your nearest store has closed down in the past year as part of the chain's rationalisation. That said, a new player beats a house fire any day.

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