Danger! Your Dick Smith DVD Player May Be About To Catch Fire

Yeah, I know; you're a modern Giz-reading type, and any media you watch will either be on a Blu-ray disc or stored on your home server. But that doesn't mean there aren't lots of portable DVD players out there. And it turns out that four models sold by Dick Smith have potential battery overheating issues, which has prompted the chain to issue a recall.

Fire picture from Shutterstock

As the recall notice helpfully explains: "The four products are being recalled due to a potential safety hazard where the internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery may overheat and pose a fire risk." Affected models (sold between November 2009 and July 2012) include three 7-inch players (D6200, D6201and GE4203) and one 9-inch beast (the D6203). If you need to help a confused relative check their model, the catalogue number is listed on the rear or base of the player.

You can return the player to any Dick Smith store for a full refund -- good consumer practice, though a little annoying if your nearest store has closed down in the past year as part of the chain's rationalisation. That said, a new player beats a house fire any day.



    This is why I will never buy a Dick Smith branded item.

      They just stick their label on somebody else's gear, just like any one of hundreds of other places (Bunnings, Myer, Woolworth etc.). The fact that they've issued a recall shouldn't be regarded as justification for your personal boycott. Just do a search for "fire" on recalls.gov.au and you'll see that Woolworth, Lenovo, EB Games, Jaguar, Hino and many more have issued recalls over the risk of things catching fire, and that's just since mid-November. Shit happens, it's how you deal with it that counts.

        I know it's not manufactured by them.

        Them slapping their sticker on somebody else's gear is the primary reason I won't buy Dick Smith branded stuff.

        First of all, you can't tell who the real manufacturer is until you've bought/opened it, but second of all, look at their price - that's a warning sign right there.

        Why is their gear cheaper?
        Because they've found someone in China making them for half the cost of competing brands.

        Why is someone in China making them for half the cost of competing brands?
        More times than not because they're cheaping out on components and/or labor.

        Neither of those are things I support.

          Firstly, isn't most of this consumer electronic stuff we use these days manufactured by near on slave labor in countries like China these days?

          Don't some of the big brands also do the whole "slap a sticker on it and call it our own" also? Not that I bothered doing any research but I thought Toshiba started doing this with their low end laptops. Fairly certain every low to mid budget headphone manufacturer is doing this too. Among many others.

          The whole battery catching fire thing? Pretty sure Dell, Apple and Sony all had the same issues a few years ago. Pretty sure that many big brands have screwed the pooch when it comes to design oversight or shoddy products that break, catch fire or otherwise explode.

          Arguing that you are against companies who rebrand chinese (or others) products as their own usually leaves you with little that you can actually purchase. I know slave labor and human rights abuse blah blah is horrible and we should do more to stop it but the point is that nobody does.

          People generally care more for their bank balance than they do for human rights for people they don't know in a country they don't live in. There are exceptions but most people would rather pay stuff all for a DVD player made by some no name chinese sweatshop than buy a product that does the same thing for double the price on the off chance it might save some kids life.

    Hilarious. I bought a DSE branded portable DVD years ago as a cheapy for the kids on long camping trips. It was recalled as it was fire risk. Now the GE4203 that it was replaced with under that recall has been recalled for exactly the same reason. At least at this rate I'll always have the latest release, if it does'nt spontaniously combust in the mean time. Time for cash back and a brand change i think.

    These have been recalled for months. Recently you can only buy the Phillips branded portable DVD players.

    They may have been recalled for months, but it was the first I had heard of it. Turns out my kids have one each - will be returned post-haste. Thanks for the PSA, Giz.

    Yeah this was absolutely ages ago. Good for those who missed it though.

    The story was that one woman smelled smoke from the back seat, turned around, and her daughter's DVD player "spontaneously burst into flames" I was sceptical when I first read the story...

    Watch out for the cheats at Dick Smith trying to rip you off when you take your player back. I returned a GE4203 today and they insisted it sold for $69 and showed me that price on their computer, I knew I paid more, so went back home and eventually found my receipt - $89.98 purchased in April 2011, I know I bought it on sale too, retail was $99 or more. Cheating Dick Smith bastards were trying to rip me off -if you are returning one DEMAND the higher price, if they refuse make them supply the full price history for the 18 months they were selling these, head office in Sydney has it.

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