Concrete Wine Bunkers Let You Get Drunk Even After The World Ends

Still think the apocalypse is coming? Maybe it's just running late. It's way too late to take any preventative action, but that doesn't mean you can't be ready for the aftermath. And what are you going to want when you're battered and bruised, wandering around the torrid wasteland that once was Earth? Alcohol. As much as you can get.

Fortunately, Etsy shop Decratelier is offering a set of modular Concrete Wine Bunkers — undoubtedly your best bet in protecting hooch from asteroid, flood and Horseman alike.

Each block is sold separately, so you can stack and expand to make the fallout wine cellar of your dreams. Added bonus: the industrial design doesn't just look cool; it keeps your wine cool too, thanks to concrete's wonderful thermal properties. Concrete will even protect against (some) forms of radiation, nuclear holocaust be damned!

Unfortunately, unless you had the foresight to order ahead of time, you're too late; each $US25 block is made to order and requires two weeks for construction. But, hey, at least now you'll be ready for the next Armageddon. [Decratelier via Cool Material]

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