Check Out This Awesome Image Of The US Marines Firing Artillery At Night

These are the US Marines with Lima Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment. This is how I imagine some battle in Tatooine in the next Star Wars. They are firing Lightweight Howitzers during a night exercise. This is how the US Marines wish you a Merry Christmas, people. [Flickr]


    Light weight?? Those are what, 8inch shells?? By at least 40 inches long....?

    Given it can probably hurl them twenty miles, or 40 if its firing Excalibur rounds, you can forgive the enemy for being wimps running from dem 'lightweights'

    Yes, but they are lightweight compared to some other types of artillery. You can hitch those up behind a truck of have them transported by a Chinook (or Sea Stallion) helicopter, so they're able to be moved quickly - hence lightweight.

    "This is how I imagine some battle in Tatooine in the next Star Wars"
    What are you twelve.? These thing aren't there for funsies! There are actual real people on the other end, not bloody droids! I seriously hope that's not the kind of disrespect for humanity you teach your kids! And yes I know they are probably firing on the 'Enemy', still people not science fiction toys.

      So these are being fired AT people? This isn't a training exercise as it says in the article?

        My point is, that you can't equate what is essentially a serious killing machine with an imaginary battle on 'Tatooine'. Training exercise or not!

          Why not? Who cares?

    That's just bonkers, bonkers

    Any man who uses 'funsies' just wouldn't get it....

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    You better hope that artillery is not how the USMC wish you a merry Christmas, Jesus...
    because you'd be missing out on "The President's Own" United States Marine Band:

    Saving the world from mime schools and accordion factories ?

    American Nazis.

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