Gift Guide: Budget Gadget Gifts That Don't Seem Cheap

While you still want to buy your friends and loved ones nice gifts, you may not exactly be in a position to break the bank. Good news — there are plenty of wonderful gadgets out there for you to choose from this year. And they don't seem cheap at all!

Mophie Powerstation

Sometimes your phone just needs a little extra power. Mophie's 4000mAh remote charging station will give you just that, for pretty much any gadget you have. And it's slim enough to throw in your purse or your pocket. $89.95

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is an awesome gadget. You get tons of content on a slim, durable little e-reader for under of $150. What's not to like? Amazon practically gives 'em away.

Urban Ears Plattan Tweet Headphones

Make your cans a little more sophisticated—dress them up in tweed. So many headphones are overpriced. These are good looking, have pretty good quality audio, and they cost you less than a hundo.

iPod nano

iPods are always a huge hit at Christmas, and Apple's newly updated Nanos are just so cute. They have 16GB and come in seven different colors and they won't have you breaking the bank on your kid/niece/nephew/boyfriend/neighbor. $169

LaCie PetiteKey

LaCie makes great, well-designed storage solutions. And shoot, we all could use a little more storage. It's more of a useful gift than a heart-warming one, but it's a great little thing to stick in a stocking. This USB 2.0 key has up to 32GB, so you can store anything you might need on the go. Plus, it looks like sleek little key. From $15.99

Swatch Up-Wind Dial Watch

I love this watch. It's simple and classic. Even if you don't wear a ticker to actually tell time, it's a pretty snappy accessory. $95

Got a better idea? Share it with us. We truly want to make sure these guides help people buy epic holiday gifts, and many minds are better than a few.

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