Beware Of Amazon Gift Wrap

Amazon lets you pay a few extra bucks to "gift wrap" an order in case it's being sent to someone special. Say, this holiday season! What they don't tell you is that it's being done by a mule.

Redditor thinkimasofa sprung for the extra $US3.99.

He was expecting this.

Instead, he received this.

Close enough, I guess.


    They even got the Ribbon Color wrong. The god damn ribbon color!

      Looks like brown paper wrapping and non-amazon gift card too! ; )

        Obviously everything is off, but the ribbon is a completely different color/shade than what it should be.

    it's clearly meant to make it wrap by you not a well oiled warping machine

    Ah, the mule - Eeee-oor ways messes it up.

      That was so bad that it made me chuckle. Kudos to you, sir!

    That's horrendous. My dog could do a better job.

    Slightly off topic (but still about presentation):

    Back in the day when print ruled, captions were below images (I'm guessing historic reasons - they were hard to embed in text, and keep track of when using lead type, et al ...)

    Now with the web & blogs and no multiple pages (unless you're a [email protected] media site splitting it up for page hits), doesn't it make more sense for the reference to be above the picture:

    (insert picture here)

    ... So that the story and information flows more naturally?

    Just sayin' ...

    Back on topic: not rapt in their wrapping.

    Merry Christmas!

      I think it all depends. The way this article is written though is wrong. The whole "This is what he was expecting" came after the picture, but it's wrong because it reads as though that caption was supposed to be in the article; not as a caption. A caption shouldn't have a gap between itself and the picture (in terms of simple line by line text formatting)... or it should be smaller or in italics to somehow differentiate it from the original text. The point is to differentiate it from the original text and have it appear to be one with the picture instead.

    My wrapping was as good as this.

    So now my family knows that their gifts are arriving unwrapped. :-)

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