Bar10der Review: A Watered-Down Cocktail Multitool

Bar10der Review: A Watered-Down Cocktail Multitool

Bar supplies take up a lot of space. They’re hard to keep together. It’s easy to forget something. What if there was just one thing you could grab, and it contained everything you need to whip up some serious cocktails? There is. It’s like a Leatherman for drunks.

What Is It?

A 10-in-1 multitool for mixology.

Who’s It For?

Booze-fiends who want to be ready to mix up something special, wherever they are.


At its core it looks like most multitools, except there are these big things hanging off of it — the jigger measurers, the reamer and the bottlecap remover. Tools fold in and out. The sides are rubberised to make it grippy.

Using It

You flip out the tool you want, use it as intended, rinse it off, and flip it back in. Tools include a one-ounce/half-ounce jigger, a muddler, a reamer, a 4-inch knife, a zester, a channel knife (for twists and garnish), a strainer, a stirrer, a corkscrew and a bottle-opener.

The Best Part

Having all those things in one package.

Tragic Flaw

Things aren’t as sharp as they should be. The knife is sharpened unevenly, so you have to press too hard, then it cuts all at once (dangerous, considering the blade doesn’t lock). You have to push really hard to get the channel knife working on an orange. It wouldn’t work at all on a lemon. The zester is dull too.

This Is Weird…

One thing that is sharp is the bottle opener…and it doesn’t fold in! It’s like a pair of fangs permanently jutting out. It’s the reason you can’t tuck this thing in a pocket. Really dumb.

Test Notes

  • It’s annoying that nothing locks. You feel this most when you’re muddling and the thing tries to collapse in on itself.
  • Because the muddler doubles as a reamer, it’s doesn’t have a flat, solid surface for good muddling. Things get missed around the sides.
  • It’s just kind of awkward to use. The little blade of a strainer is especially unwieldy. The double-jointed stirrer is fine if the drink is loosely packed with ice, but if it’s crammed a little more tightly, the joints start collapsing — the elbow joint is clearly supposed to lock a bit, but it doesn’t.

Should You Buy It?

If it were 20 bucks, it would be a maybe. A fun novelty gift. But no, it’s $US50. (FIFTY!) This is a definite pass. You can go to a restaurant supply store and get all of these tools — but better — and for less money. Toss ’em in a little cloth bag if you need them to be mobile.

Like many mediocre multitools, it’s designed to do a lot of jobs, but it doesn’t do any them particularly well. Cool concept, poor execution.



• Dimensions: 8.8 inches x 1 inch x 1 inch
• Weight: 408g
• Price: $US50