Australia, These Are The Top Brands You Googled In 2012

Australia, These Are The Top Brands You Googled In 2012

Coles, Gumtree and XXXX are among those that managed to take pole positions, according to Google Australia. We’re also obsessed with banks and New Zealand, though that’s to be expected given how large a role financial institutions play in our lives and how awesome NZ is.

The numbers, which come to us via Mumbrella, tell an interesting story. For one, of all the beers we could be searching for, XXXX, Carlton Draught and Skinny Blonde came up among the top five, though I suspect people typing “skinny blonde” into Google might not have been looking for alcoholic beverages and “XXXX” is but a single letter away from, well, you know.

(I’m sure Google has ways of differentiating these searches from the less wholesome ones.)

If you couldn’t get that darn Coles jingle out of your head, turns out no one else could either, with it topping deodorant brand Lynx when it came to looking up advertisements.

AFL landed in the #7 position in Australian brands (though it was in the #2 spot last year), with NRL nowhere to be seen in the top 10.

Finally, Singapore and London followed on the heels of NZ in searches for overseas destinations. Mauritius, a small island nation 2000km south east of Africa, managed to sneak into the list at #10.

For a full list of searches, head on over to Mumbrella via the link below.