Aussie Scientists Revolutionise Pina Colada Production

Australia's Department of Agriculture has announced that its researchers have made a breakthrough that will send shockwaves across beach resorts and tiki-themed restaurants around the world. Through careful breeding, they've managed to produce a sweet pineapple that also tastes like coconut, reducing future Pina Colada recipes to just two ingredients.

The new breed of fruit, known as the AusFestival pineapple, has actually been in development for over a decade. And the researchers didn't start out with the dream of replacing Mother Nature, just improving on her work by developing a low-acid pineapple.

But the AusFestival turned out to be the fruits, or fruit, of their labour, and the country has plans to plant and commercially grow them in just a couple of years. [Daily Mail via Dvice]

Image: svry, Antonov Roman, Alex Staroseltsev/Shutterstock

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