Augmented Reality Eyepatches Will Probably Lead To Super Pirates

The excitement for Google's Project Glass has been lukewarm at best, but apparently there are at least a few technophiles out there excited for the technology. Like Gregory McRoberts, who apparently couldn't wait for Google to finish its augmented reality specs, so he designed his own that's worn like an eyepatch.

It makes the wearer look like a cross between a pirate and a cyborg — which isn't necessarily a bad thing — but Gregory actually designed his eyepatch as a sort of hearing aid for the visually impaired. Instead of using an LCD display to show information like incoming emails or directions, the patch uses a simple set of glowing LEDs to translate temperature and distance information to the wearer.

A blue LED that can shift to red indicates if an object or a room is above or below 27C, while a flashing green LED strobes faster and slower when an object gets closer or farther away. It's crude, at least compared to Google's efforts, but like a hearing aid it's only designed to enhance a diminished sense, not completely replace it. And it just could be the most technologically advanced way to walk to plank, you scurvy dog.

[OCAD Wearable Technology via Adafruit Industries]

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