Apple Crushes Universal Charging Project

Apple has crushed a really great, universal charging idea, which was gaining steam on Kickstarter because it won't allow the Lightning adaptor to be used in a device with multiple charging options.

According to Apple's licensing requirements for the Lightning adaptor — that yes, was a big step up from the ancient 30-pin dock connector — you can't even bundle the Lightning connector with something that can also charge via the old 30-pin. Now that's just backwards. Why would Apple block something that can charge all of its own devices? I mean, not everyone's upgraded to an iPhone 5 — hell, some people bought an iPad 3 thinking it would last at least a year before you made it obsolete, Apple.

In Edison Junior's own CEO's words talking to Venture Beat:

"We are pissed. I think they are being a bunch of arseholes, and I think they're hurting their customers."

I couldn't agree more. The only bright side to all this is that Edison Junior's doing the right thing and refunding all the Kickstarter backers their contributions in full, which means the company's going to take a hit in both card fees and Kickstarter's own fees.

I guess when you're beholden to a private company like Apple, who loves proprietary connectors, you're basically screwed if it decides it doesn't like you, and your idea. But come on Apple. Make our lives easier and don't block things like this. Otherwise we might be forced into buying the Chinese knockoffs instead. [Venture Beat]

Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.



    To be fair, from Apple's point of view, that makes perfect sense:

    "What do you mean you use devices other than the most recent version of what we produce? What kind of twisted freak are you?"

    And so it came to pass that life in the walled garden went on, as it had done before, unabated and untainted. And the citizens of the walled garden rejoiced and offered up sacrifices in thanks for being freed from the tyranny of having choices.

    Apple has since updated their policy on the matter (thanks to all of us who expressed our opinions) and now allows both connectors on one device. It's nice to know they do have ears after all.

    Despite the death of the worlds wealthiest and most well known anit-environmentalist,Steve Jobs, Apple continues on it's merry way to do it's utmost to encourage inefficiency, waste, planned obsolescence and over consumption of limited resources.

      Source on anti-environmentalist stuff? Not disagreeing with you, would just be a nice thing to have in the bank against some of my environmentalist Apple loving friends!

        They make a new model every year. Make all older models obsolete. Prevent companies from reducing waste by blocking ventures such as this. Just from this article...

          Making a new model every year is hardly exclusive to Apple, though..

    one day we will look back upon the cult of Apple and wonder the difference between Apple zealots and religious extremists.

    Just use a bloody Micro USB connector Apple, stop being a pack of jerks.

      Nice idea, except, the micro USB interface is so flimsy. I've had several connections fail either in the socket or plug even with extreme care. Except for Apples attitude to the use of lightning, all things aside its a far superior interface. Time will tell how it holds up in the long term or course.

      Weren't Apple part of a group of tech companies to make micro usb the defacto charging port at one stage anyway?

        Yeah but that is only in the EU and what they do is bundle a lightning to mico-usb adapter to comply with it which is a really douchbag move but you cannot expect anything less from Apple.

    +1M - EVERY other manufacturer can agree to a standard, even the Motor industry has agreed on a standard charger for electric vehicles. About time Apple did something to actually help the industry and it's customers and looked at using industry standards.

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