Apparently No One Knows Who Tim Cook Is

US newsman Brian Williams recently interviewed Tim Cook about Apple and all things going on at Cupertino. It's the first interview "of its kind" and will be shown next week on Thursday in the States. But that's not why we care! What's hilarious is that Brian Williams says no one recognises the Apple CEO.

It's not that surprising. It's kind of hard for any tech exec to get to the iconic level of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and being CEO of a tech company is not no where the same as like, being George Clooney. Even if it is being CEO of Apple. Just check out the video of him walking through New York's Grand Central Terminal, without getting a second glance:

[@RockCenterNBC via The Next Web]


    Even his workmates think he's boring so it's not that surprising.

    To me, that's the perfect scenario. He's got money and power, but doesn't have the frustration of dealing with 'celebrity' status.

      I totally agree.
      I saw this post in a positive light.

    I'm pretty sure he's well known amongst the alternative lifestyles click.

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