Aladdin's Got Nothing On This Flying Carpet Chair

Supported by a small army of 90 elastic rods, the seat on this 1001 chair feels like it's magically floating in place while it contorts and conforms to your body. The seat was designed and built by Thomas Hiemann and Markus Dilger, and the pair unfortunately seem to have no plans to build and sell more of them. So the creation is kind of a tease, and A Whole New World of disappointment.

[FullyConstrained via Notcot]


    After finally 'teaching' my legs to sit in the lotus position, I find sitting in any 'normal' chair extremely uncomfortable after a short time, and notice that the chair position dulls my mind and hurts my back very quickly.
    Therefore i am actually looking for something like this to sit on.
    But really; something nothing like this. More like a 1200mm diameter platform that can be easily lowered and raised between ~100 and ~600mm's an iteresting concept though. Made from rods like in those new 'safe' trampoline designs, I assume.

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