Ah, So That's What An LP Made Entirely Of Ice Sounds Like

To promote its new single "Blue Ice", Swedish band Shout Out Louds decided to make a limited number of LPs containing the song available to the press and selected fans. Seeing as the single is called "Blue Ice" and not "Blue Vinyl" it made sense (?) to craft the record out of frozen water. Madness, or genius? Watch the clip and decide!

The beginning of the video shows off the kits containing the record — of which only 10 were made — and talks a bit about the processes involved with coming up with the idea. Inside each kit is a silicone mould and distilled water, so all you need to do is add a freezer and well, you'll have an instant, slowly-melting record.

If you just want to hear what it sounds like, skip to the 1:47 mark and enjoy the crackling, sometimes distorted tune. Yes, it's acoustically inferior to vinyl, but given the material it's a lot better than you'd expect.

[YouTube, via io9]

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