9 Things I’ll Miss About Apple Maps

9 Things I’ll Miss About Apple Maps

Did you hear? Google Maps is back in the iTunes App Store, which means we can finally officially pretend that whole Apple Maps disaster never happened. Still, there are a few things I’m going to miss about Apple Maps.

1. That time it revealed a secret military base in Taiwan.

2. How it forced Apple to suggest people use Bing with a straight face.

3. It was the straw that finally broke Scott Forstall’s back. So long, leather-bound apps!

4. To be honest, I actually prefer the Eiffel Tower this way…

5. …and Las Vegas.

6. Apple Maps made for some pretty great parodies like this and this and even this.

7. Motorola somehow managed to make itself look bad when it tried to make fun of Apple.

8. It proved that literally anything can have fanboys.

9. It taught me to never ever ever take Google Maps for granted again.