Guy Pulled Over After Driving The Wrong Way On A Highway Because His GPS Said So

When your GPS tells you to do something, where do you draw the line as far as stupidity is concerned before you actually go and do it? Getting lost in a forest is one thing, but driving the wrong way up a major national highway is another thing entirely. Incidentally, that's what this guy was just pulled over for.

Image: Markus Merz/flickr

According to ABC, a New South Wales man was arrested after driving 20-kilometres the wrong way up the Hume Highway in Victoria at 4:30am.

When the man was pulled over by Police, he reportedly said the he thought the notoriously accident-ridden road was just a dual carriageway, and that his GPS unit told him to turn onto it.

How about we start putting common sense back on our roads? [ABC]



    Betcha he was using iOS 6 maps. OHHHHHH.

    It HAD to be said.

      Google is the one doing that

        Thats a negative ghost rider.

        That article is about a one way road out in the sticks that wasn't designed to take high volume traffic.

        This was down Hume Highway

    Incidentally, that’s what this guy was just pulled over for for.

    Wasn't it just a week ago that woman managed to drive 34km on the wrong side of the road in Melbourne before killing herself and everyone in the car she collided with head on.

    Didn't realise people actually did stuff Michael Scott does

    Clearly this guy is just too thick to be driving.
    His licence should be cancelled on the basis of insufficient intelligence.

    It irritates me that people follow their GPS unit direction to the T.. I had an argument with my other half about 3 weeks ago because the GPS told me to turn right but I just drove straight (I saw there was parking area on the GPS map that it was going to take me around).. She flipped her lid because I wasn't following the GPS.. I had to try and get through to her that you should only use the GPS as a guide and use the information to help you make a better informed decision... Didn't help..

      You should know by now... It's not about who's right or wrong, it's about who wins... She wins... She always wins.

        I assume you are referring to his 'other half' here, and not to his GPS

      Happy Wife Happy Life - I'm 5 weeks off being married and I already know this lol

    This reminds me of the Japanese tourists who drove into Moreton Bay trying to drive to Stradbroke Island

    IOS, Google Maps, Navman, whatever. At what point did we stop using our eyes (and common sense) and start to rely on electronic devices to tell us what to do when driving? Honestly, people caught doing dumb stuff like that deserve getting pinged. Now if your map service leads you into a forest and abandons you (thank you IOS6), that's a bit different, but seriously, how thick would you need to be do go forget that we drive on the left hand side of the road just because your phone tells you to?

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